Italian superstar ZUCCHERO “SUGAR” FORNACIARI’s releases his new studio album “D.O.C.”worldwide November 8 through Polydor/Universal Music Italia.

“Disco di Origine Controllata” (D.O.C) an album of authentic and genuine compositions of 11 songs and 3 bonus tracks.
With over 60 million records sold, Zucchero is back with his new project and will bring his show to Australia as part of the Bluesfest 2020 line up.
Says Zucchero: “I’m very protective of this album, I almost wanted to keep it all for myself, because, once it has been released, everyone gets to own it, for better or for worse… I’m protective of it, because it’s very much my album, in the intimate sense, meaning that the 11 tracks on “D.O.C.” reflect my current state of mind, what I think, what I feel, more freely and directly than in the past, in a no-frills, much simpler yet more complex manner.
The making of D.O.C included recording sessions in Iceland, Los Angeles and San Francisco with young, indie-like producers and musicians from various different countries, such as Nicolas Rebscher (Germany), Joel Humlén (Sweden), Ian Brendon Scott & Mark Jackson (USA), Steve Robson (UK) and Eg White (USA), all merging under my direction and that of Don Was (my brother in blues).”
Zucchero talks about the new album READ here
His music has broken national borders thanks to numerous collaborations with international artists such as Bryan Adams, The Blues Brothers, Bono, Jeff Beck, Ray Charles, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Elvis Costello, Miles Davis, Peter Gabriel, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Mark Knopfler, Brian May, Luciano Pavarotti, Iggy Pop, Queen, Alejandro Sanz, Sting and many others.
D.O.C Tracklist: “Spirito nel buio”, “Soul Mama”, “Cose che già sai” feat. Frida Sundemo, “Testa o croce”, “Freedom”, “Vittime del Cool”, “Sarebbe questo il mondo”, “La canzone che se ne va, “Badaboom (Bel Paese)”, “Tempo al tempo”, “Nella tempesta”, “My Freedom”(bonus track), “Someday” (bonus track) and “Don’t let it be gone” feat. Frida Sundemo (bonus track).

About Zucchero:
Among the greatest interpreters of blues rock in Italy, Zucchero(AKA Adelmo Fornaciari) has sold over 60 million records in his career, of which 8 million with the album “Oro, incenso & biro”. In addition to being the first Western artist to have performed in the Kremlin after the fall of the Berlin wall, Zucchero is also the only Italian artist to have participated to the Woodstock Festival in 1994, the Freddie Mercury Tribute in 1992 and all the events of 46664 for Nelson Mandela. He is also one of the few Italian artists nominated for a Grammy, with Billy Preston and Eric Clapton as the best “R&B Traditional Vocal Collaboration.” His concert in December 2012 at the Higher Institute of Art in Havana with over 80,000 people was considered the biggest live ever held by a foreign singer in Cuba under embargo. With over 65,000 people present, in July 2018 he performed in Hyde Park, for the British Summer Time in London, alongside international artists such as Eric Clapton, Santana, Steve Winwood.

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